Margot Homan

Margot Homan was born in Oss (Netherlands), educated at the Tilburg Academy of Art (Netherlands), where it was strictly forbidden to her to work in a figurative style. Directly after graduating she followed her artistic vocation, and started to develop her own figurative style, while part-time teaching at the Markendaal Academy (Breda)

Since 1984 she decided to follow her artistic passion fulltime. Margot Homan lives and works in Tilburg (Netherlands) and in Pietrasanta (Italy). In Italy where she casts her bronzes for the excellent qualities of the foundries they offer and finds the marble for her sculptures. Since 1984 her work is exhibited in the Netherlands and abroad, beside several musea exhibitions. She has been shown at important fairs like TEFAF Maastricht, PAN Amsterdam and Olympia London Art Fair and Contemporary Art fair London, Tokyo Art Fair. You can find her sculptures at several public places like in Amsterdam and in Tilburg a 7 ton heavy marble sculpture.


Bronze sculpture by Margot Homan


Small – 1999
Large – 2009


Bronze Sculptures


  • Materials: Bronze

Available in two sizes:

  • Large: 205 cm – Edition 2/3
  • Small: 72 cm – Edition 7/8

L’Immagine del Cuore Statement

Of course an artistic statement can never be final, but it will always be more like a positioning towards one’s ideals. (Looking over the quiet panorama of the works I made during my career I can see that clearly: always the same and simultaneously always different.)

For me Art in itself is an inexhaustible fountain of man-made beauty, as much a testament of the past as it is a living resource of eternal ideas today. In this humanistic sense all my creative work –in style and theme – tends towards the conditions of harmony and balance. And when in my mind an artistic concept ripens, it grows and grows intuitively into a crystal-clear and transparent fact: L’Immagine del Cuore (The Image of the Heart”).


Marble sculpture by Margot Homan




Marble Sculptures


  • Materials: Marble
  • Height: 60cm

“Always the same, and simultaneously always different.”

But then, materializing this Image, everything, from its contours to its smallest details, must breathe the same clarity in an inspired relation to each part of the harmonious whole.
For that I seek for an expression that transcends the limits of anatomy, and stretching this physical reality into this my artistic concept, which is not linked to a specific individual (a model) but to “man” in a universal sense. So are the quotidian problems of the World not resolved in my sculptures, but I try to balance them, and I aspire to express the human struggle on one hand and the wisdom of acceptance and inner consolation on the other.

Remi Wörtmeyer

Remi Wörtmeyer is a multidisciplinary artist whose paintings and sculptures have been exhibited throughout the Netherlands and whose work as a choreographer, designer and principal dancer for Dutch National Ballet is celebrated internationally. His short films and documentaries (for Holland Festival, Cinedans, G-Star RAW and others) showcase his expertise in combining the visual and performing arts.