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Affection Triptych

By William Rosewood






Belgian Fine Oil Portrait Linen, double-woven
Pure Gold and white pigment paint.
Square wooden frame made of Dark Red Meranti


3 pieces of 100x160cm

The infinite pool

“π = ∞” These paintings symbolize the core of humanity. William embraced the thought of how humans are all the same yet still differ from each other.

To show that your still unique in this world The Tancho Koi Fish represents yourself, all Koi swim in the same pond or for ourself the world. “π = ∞” like the World in the Universe is endless. Back to the world and all living species on it. So different but yet the same.



William Rosewood

William Rosewood’s art embodies the role of humans versus nature and its resilience in a magical forms.

William discovered the world of art when he was little. He attended the prestigious Dutch Willem de Kooning Academy, learning the artistry of statue and image-making.

Rosewood developed a particular interest in exploring and pushing the limit of what is possible. This expressed itself not only in painting, but also in experimenting with different materials.

Rosewood has a characteristic style in which he combines the usage of unconventional materials with large visualisations.


William Rosewood also works on commission. You can order artworks and projects which fit your specific needs in terms of size, form and color. 
– Please do not hesitate to contact us for your specific requests.


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