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Love Is Not a Victory March

By William Rosewood




She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not 


Oil & 24k Gold Leaf on Panel


80 x 80 cm
Signed on the side


William Rosewood: “The richness of nature we destroy is a leading expression in my art, focussing on nature’s strength that often is underestimated while symbolising the resurrection of that nature’s richness”. WR also creates ‘art on commission’ – small works as well as large art installations and projects internationally including larger than life – permanent outdoor park sculptures. Rosewood has an international clientele including the, coincidentally same named: Rosewood Hotel Group, and exhibited at Art Basel Miami, Dubai, Texas Contemporary Art Fair and Moco Museum, Amsterdam.



William Rosewood

William Rosewood’s art embodies the role of humans versus nature and its resilience in a magical forms.

William discovered the world of art when he was little. He attended the prestigious Dutch Willem de Kooning Academy, learning the artistry of statue and image-making.

Rosewood developed a particular interest in exploring and pushing the limit of what is possible. This expressed itself not only in painting, but also in experimenting with different materials.

Rosewood has a characteristic style in which he combines the usage of unconventional materials with large visualisations.


William Rosewood also works on commission. You can order artworks and projects which fit your specific needs in terms of size, form and color. 
– Please do not hesitate to contact us for your specific requests.


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